Residential Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Solar power is now one of the cheapest sources of electricity in the world, having a system installed at your house can provide instant savings.A system designed to save money on your monthly electricity bill runs only during the day.This system acts as a supplemental form of energy during the day taking over all the base loads minimizing your daily bill and lowering your average cost of electricity. It is designed in a manner that all torque loads go on to the grid causing no harm to the system.


If you are creating excess power you can now sell it back to the grid and increase your savings.The law for net-metering has been passed by NEPRA, Please contact your local distribution company or check with us whether your local distribution company has started offering net-metering.

Advantages Of Solar System

The use of solar systems in the residential sector of the country is trending nowadays. As the most suitable and renewable energy alternative, these residential solutions bring many benefits to them for their owner. The electricity prices hike is common after certain intervals which are adversely affecting this sector at large. Moreover, we are still at risk of power outages especially in the long summer which worsens the situation further. In the wake of the aforementioned scenario, residential solar solutions in Pakistan are the best to replace conventional energy and to decrease grid dependency. Residential solar systems of different capacities are available in the market to comply with the varied needs of the customers. Sonic Energy Solutions is the most reliable Solar Solutions provider and a preferred choice of customers for the residential solar power system.

Performance Of Solar System

Sonic Energy Solutions’ residential solar solutions are designed to deliver excellent performance even in hostile weather conditions. Durable and reliable, these turnkey solar systems are affordable and cut your energy costs.

The company offers a range of readily available Hybrid and On-Grid systems for home in different capacities. These solar solutions are listed below.

  • 1kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kw Solar On-Grid Solution
  • 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kw Solar On-Grid Solution